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Introducing - Sara

Sara is multi-disciplined and integrates her skills and treatments to empower and educate clients to achieve their health & wellness goals.

Sara believes wellness is all about being healthy and happy in body, mind & spirit, it is about attaining the most from your life rather than just getting by.

With her years of experience assisting people she believes individuals experience illness, chronic pain, depression, fatigue and anxiety to name a few that are generally tied to emotional imbalances which in-turn create energy blockages in the body.  

Throughout our lives we experience hardship and emotional trauma as we are all unique individuals our symptoms may differ from someone that has experienced the same hardship or trauma, however these emotional experiences are trapped in the subconscious level of our energy system.  Experience shows individuals that don't transform these energy blocks or limiting beliefs experience various forms of health problems at some point in their life.  Western medicines are designed to suppress pain, energy medicine looks and listens to what the body is telling & showing us & treats and transforms these conditions at the core of the underlying issue.  Sara loves to work with Psych-K to assist her clients fast track their healing journey.

Food is also a very big part of anyone's healing journey, Sara follows and personally practices the Anthony William protocols and has seen huge improvements not only personally but with her clients that follow this easy and enjoyable lifestyle.  Along with food, hydration is very important too.

Sara has undertaken national & international training on the Bicom devices and is a Regumed Accredited Therapist in the field of Bioresonance.

Along with accreditation as a Practitioner with the BodiHealth device she is a bush flower essence practitioner, approved mild hypobaric (HBOT) operator, Psych-K master facilitator, guided meditation facilitator.  She carries membership with IICT & insurance through AON.

Sara is open & welcomes the opportunity to work with your allied health professionals, such as your Medical Practitioner, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Physiotherapists, Dentist, Naturopath, Homeopath, Eye Specialist or Remedial Massage therapist to name a few. Together we can make a greater impact on your health and well-being working as a united team.

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"If one truly want to be healthy and happy “think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” 
Nikola Tesla