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Achieve Peace Of Mind

Introducing Sara:

Sara is multi-disciplined and integrates her skills and treatments to empower and educate clients to achieve their health & wellness goals.

Sara believes wellness is all about being healthy and happy in body, mind & spirit, it is about attaining the most from your life rather than just getting by.

With her years of experience assisting people she believes individuals experience illness, chronic pain, depression, fatigue and anxiety to name a few that are generally tied to emotional imbalances which in-turn create energy blockages in the body.  

Throughout our lives we experience hardship and emotional trauma as we are all unique individuals our symptoms may differ from someone that has experienced the same hardship or trauma, however these emotional experiences are trapped in the subconscious level of our energy system. Experience shows individuals that don't transform these energy blocks or limiting beliefs experience various forms of health problems at some point in 

their life. Western medicines are designed to suppress pain, energy medicine looks and listens to what the body is telling & showing us & treats and transforms these conditions at the core of the underlying issue. Sara loves to work with Psych-K & other energy healing modalities to assist her clients fast track their healing journey.

Food is also a very big part of anyone's healing journey, Sara follows and personally practices the Anthony William protocols and has seen huge improvements not only personally but with her clients that follow this easy and enjoyable lifestyle. Along with food, hydration is very important too.

Sara has undertaken national & international training on numerous energy healing modalities and enjoys keeping up to date with the latest healing modalities for her clients.

Sara's skills can be facilitated with both humans and animals and conducted either face to face or remotely anywhere in the world either with a finger prick of blood sample or via internet or phone connection.  

Don't let distance or being time poor prevent you from seeking treatment or simply ensuring regular wellness 'servicing' for your body - You Do It For Your Car So It Won't Let You Down - Ensure You Do It For Your Self So YOU Can Keep On Doing What You LOVE!

Introducing Steve:

Steve’s unique form of healing works on all your body’s levels including the Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual, therefore allowing your internal vibrational energy back into a state of balance, redirecting, releasing stagnant energy & emotions that no longer serve you.

When we allow negative emotions & thoughts, along with stress & anxieties to remain in our bodies, our bodies react by getting sick and present physical symptoms such as but not limited to, sickness, infections, virus & bugs, which if left untreated can lead to depression, skin breakouts, allergies, physical pain through to cancers & other life threatening ailments to name a few, generally the alike all get the common tag ‘disease’.

When our bodies are not in tune to our life purposes or we are resisting positive change whether it is within relationships either personal or business, what we do for work or pleasure, not understanding our self worth or devaluing self empowerment for the betterment of our personal growth our bodies last resort is to bring this to our attention by a form of ‘dis-ease’.

When you experience a powerful healing by Steve you may experience an easing of pain, a marked recovery from accident or illness, assisting you to release negative emotions whether you realise or not that you have been holding onto for too long.  

When we release stress & emotional baggage this aids general wellbeing and allows an accelerating of healing on all levels of your being. 

Every healing session will be experienced differently. Clients have expressed feeling heat or coldness in areas of their bodies through to tingling sensations, seeing colours or images, not feeling anything at all, through to feeling a clearing of emotions and realisations. There are no right or wrong experiences as Steve’s powerful healings are as unique as each individual he works with.  

During a healing session you remain fully clothed with no or limited physical contact, you are encouraged to remain open and receptive to the healing process. Steve may also feel sensations or receive messages about you from Spirit that he will pass on at the end of the session.

Depending on the state of your health, 1 to 4 sessions are optimal and will assist greatly in the recovery of both your physical body and emotional state. 

However, you don’t need to suffer from any condition to receive and benefit from Steve’s healing.

Sometimes the full effect will be noticed sometime after a session since the healing starts from the Auric field, towards the physical body, heart and Soul. After the healing is complete you are encouraged to rest if possible as the healing process will continue.

If you have an ongoing medical condition that is just not going away, or you suffer from stress and anxiety or you just want to feel better in yourself, then why not try a powerful healing by Steve?

Allow yourself an hour for your complete treatment experience.

Steve's unique healings can be enjoyed by humans and animals, both in direct contact or remotely so no matter where you are located in the world you can work together call now or email us to book your consultation.

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