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I was suffering from fatigue, lack of concentration, symptoms of hypothyroidism, Hashimotos and Epstein Barr Virus aka Glandular Fever. Many areas of my life were impacted and I knew I had to do something.

I met Sara at an event, we had a connection, what she was saying made sense to me and she really listened to me. Their solutions don’t include a lifelong plan to rely on them, Vibrational Energy Alliance is all about helping people get better and then setting them free.

Sara’s wonderful skills practicing Psych K therapy to overcome blocks that are buried in the subconscious mind and helped with my limited beliefs. This practice really helped me move on from the repetitive negative story that was keeping me stuck.

I’m feeling so much better and now have more energy than I have had in years, I wake up in the morning and get moving, I can now concentrate, I have better relationships including the one with myself.

I always feel peace and calm when I am with Vibrational Energy Alliance, their space is amazing and has wonderful positive energy. They also follow the Anthony William protocol, which compliments getting great results. I would recommend seeing Vibrational Energy Alliance if you are wanting results that will help you be free of pain and suffering, to a life that is full and vibrant.

K Guthrie Upper Kedron 

I Can't thank Sara & Steve enough for assisting me with my dog that was suffering from seizures, the Vet advised there was no further medication that they could give and the current med's weren't working. The remedies offered by VEA have been amazing no more visable seizures - we have our dog back!

John Bribie Island

Sara is so easy to work with she has a natural ability and knowing she puts you at ease as soon as you talk to her, she knows her stuff and has transformed my life through Psych-K for the better - it is kooky kool as she calls it as it is hard to explain unless experienced - simply amazing I have referred my family and friends - every one should have at least one session with her - it will change your life for the positive

Rachel - Gold Coast

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